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Teen Youth

Development Initiative


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Our Vision

We envision a generation of young people who know what to do with their lives and how to go about it, even in the face of challenges and obstacles to achieving them.

Our Mission

We work with other key players to address physical, social, spiritual and

mental barriers to self-actualization and fulfilment of purpose.


Our Volunteers

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Our World Today

  • Our world today is full of young people struggling to navigate through life and make meaningful sense of it on their own.

  • There are over 1.8 billion young people in the world today, 90% of whom live in developing countries. 

  • 32% of Nigerians are aged 10-24yrs

  • Some of them are lucky to find the right way, but the challenge is that most of them fail in their attempts, falling into the hands of predators or becoming victims of circumstances.

  • Most crimes around the world and even here in Nigeria are committed by young people

  • The vision of CTYDI was birthed by a desire to reach and help young people who have no sense of direction about life and how to navigate through it.

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