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Our History

The history of CTYDI arose out of the vision that God gave to Dr. Olusola Oresanya many years back on raising credible leaders among the crop of teeming teens and youth within her reach. That desired prompt her into action in joining the team of Teenagers handlers when she relocated to Abuja in 2001.


Chen Teen Youth Development Initiative (CTYDI) started out in 2011/2012

Today, Dr. Olusola Oresanya has embarked on her greatest challenge to date – the launch of Chen Teen Youth Development Initiative (CTYDI) , an organization dedicated to developing credible young leaders with a chance to fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives. FCI is also the platform from which Heather will work to inspire others to serve orphans and do what God has called them to do.


Our Vision 

We envision a generation of young people who know what to do with their lives and how to go about it, even in the face of challenges and obstacles to achieving them.


Our Mission

We work with other key players to address physical, social, spiritual and mental barriers to self-actualization and fulfilment of purpose.

Volunteer With us

“The quality of your life will be determined by the quality of your contribution. When you work to improve the lives of others, your life improves automatically.”

Kurek Ashley

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